Coming to Sapa, you can choose many different means such as train, motorbike, car ... in which Sapa train ticket is probably the safest, most economical and less exhausting means. But for those who have never taken a Sapa train ticket, they need to equip themselves with the train experience to make your trip easier. Here are some travel experiences by Sapa train tickets for your reference.

1. Buy a ticket

The most important thing is to buy tickets. If you have scheduled a train trip, buying an early ticket will save you money. Buying tickets early will also help you avoid a bad situation of missing a trip due to the failure to buy tickets or seats not desired.

If you are traveling with a large group of people, buying tickets early will help you to sit in the same car, avoiding being torn apart making the trip unhappy.

2. Seating

Sapa train tickets are considered one of the safest means of transportation.

The seats on the train are usually divided into the following categories: hard seats, air-conditioned seats, soft air-conditioned seats, lying beds. Each seat class will have the corresponding price. Need to know the distance traveled to choose the appropriate seat.

Bed is the best choice for long journeys. If the journey is short, most of us often choose soft seat tickets, but there are also some who choose hard seats because the seats are more spacious, not restrictive and simply save money.

3. Food

If you buy cheap tickets will not include meals on board. So for the long journeys, you can go to the ship's kitchen (usually the last car) to buy food. On the train, they often prepare fast food or ready-to-eat foods such as porridge, instant noodles, chips, teenagers' favorite dishes but the flavor is often not really attractive.

You can also buy food at stops at stations, however, you should only buy at major stations, avoiding missed trains (big stations, trains will stop longer). If you want to eat well, it is best to have food ready to bring.

4. Luggage

You will have to travel quite a distance from the entrance to the train area, so pack your luggage so it's easy to move. Should bring light luggage to facilitate transportation but also easy to preserve luggage when sitting on the train.

It is best to keep personal belongings in a bag to facilitate the use when needed, especially for long distances, need to take things out for cleaning too.

5. Moving on board

Although it is a safe and comfortable means of transportation, more comfortable than traveling by car, you cannot avoid the fatigue and frustration caused by sitting for too long. If the trip is long, increase your travel, you can enjoy the scenery along the way or make some new friends. However, be wary of people with strange expressions because you will not know if they are dangerous or not.

6. Shopping

When going to stations along the way, you should be careful with souvenirs or food, drinks peddling. Ideally, you should buy food or drinks, canned products have names, brands, expiry date.

The experience is never redundant for your travel by Sapa train ticket so you should equip yourself. With experience on hope you will have an enjoyable and safe trip to Sapa.

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