Discover Ha Long - City By The Sea Heritage
Time: 4N3D
Departure: Every Week

Ha Long City is a large window of the Northern key economic region, especially Ha Long There are many opportunities to develop to become one of the busiest cities in Vietnam with world-class amusement parks, All the beauty of the beautiful coastal city of Ha Long will be introduced by Sapaly Tour to our guests on this journey.
Day 1: (Lao Cai - Ha Long)

Group will gather at the meeting place at Kim Tan Square (Old Square)

07:00: Departure to Ha Long and move on Lao Cai - Quang Ninh highway

12:00: Car with the delegation to Ha Long and have lunch at the restaurant

13:00: Transfer to the hotel and check in the room

14:00: Delegation will move to Bai Chay Beach one of the most beautiful beaches of Quang Ninh City to take photos, watch and swim freely. The place was named Vay Chay, the French colonial period was often written as Vat Chay or Ile aux buissons (bushy island), Bai Chay was the place where the convoy of Nguyen Mong army led by Truong Van Ho invaded Vietnam. Nam was burned by the Tran dynasty general Tran Khanh Du and his Tran troops and ashore. Because many enemy boats were on fire, the northeast monsoon blasted the fire on the west bank of Cua Luc, burning down the dry forest. That's why the burnt forest has its name today. Before 1979, Bai Chay was a large town, adjacent to Viet Hung commune and Hoanh Bo district. In April 1979, the western area was split to form Gieng Day town. On August 10, 1981 Bai Chay town became a ward of Hong Gai town

18:00: Return to the hotel for dinner and rest and end of day 1

Day 2 (Ba Vang Pagoda - Queen's Cable Car)

Have breakfast at the hotel

07:30: Car with HDV welcomed the delegation at the hotel and depart for Ba Vang Pagoda

08:45: After arriving at Doan Pagoda, you will see Ba ​​Vang Pagoda, one of the most famous and beautiful pagodas in Vietnam. Was recognized by the Vietnam Record Organization as a mountain temple with the largest temple building on the record of Vietnam since March 9, 2014. According to the engraving on the sandalwood tree in front of the temple, the old pagoda was erected. in the year of the Rooster, the reign of King Le Du Tong, the reign of Vinh Thinh (ie, 1706) and the pagoda at that time was associated with the name of Mr. Truc Lam Ma Ha Sa Mon Tue Bich Pho Giac (1659 - 1758). The most remarkable artifacts of Ba Vang pagoda left today are some stone relics, including one stone monument of 0.52 m high, 0.38 m wide, 0.12 m thick, two turtles. stone and a stone incense tree 1.2 m high 4 sides, each side is 0.22 m wide. As time went by, the Chinese characters on the stele and worn incense sticks were difficult to read. Particularly the stone incense sticks, most of the words on the stele have faded, leaving only a few large letters adjacent to the head of the stele. the words: Dang Son Thanh, Bao Quang Tu, Thien Dai. Meaning the stone pillar of Bao Quang pagoda and Thanh Dang mountain.

11:30: Delegation will have lunch at the temple (vegetarian) to enjoy the rich flavor of the temple

14:00: Bus will pick you up to move to Sunwonrld Ha Long Amusement Park. Coming here, you will experience the Queen's Cable Car system, running on the most beautiful sea in Vietnam. The Queen's Cable Car is the first cable car system in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh. This is a project in the Sun World Halong Complex entertainment complex of Sun Group. Going on the cable car, you will see the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay looking down from above

18:00: Return to the hotel to rest and have dinner

19:00: The delegation will participate in organizing a gala to sing and sing at the hotel

 Day 3 (Halong Bay - Quang Ninh Museum

Have breakfast at the hotel

07:00: Bus will pick you up and move to Halong Bay. Going to Tuan Chau port, the Board of Directors will take the delegation on a boat to visit Ha Long Bay. One of Vietnam's natural relics recognized by UNESCO is one of the seven most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Visit Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Ga Choi Hon, Hon Dinh Huong .... admire Ha Long Bay with 1969 large and small rocky islands with interesting shapes ...

11:30: Union will rest and lunch

14:00: Tour guide will visit Quang Ninh Bao Museum. located in a cluster of museums and libraries in Hong Hai ward (Ha Long city) on the banks of Ha Long Bay - a world natural heritage and wonder. This more than 900 billion VND design by Spanish architect Salvador Perez Arroyo helped the Museum and Library of Quang Ninh win the Works Award of 2013. Displaying thousands of different treasures such as lumps of coal Vietnam's largest, coal mining equipment …….

18:00; Group will return to the hotel for dinner and rest. end of day 3

Day 4: (Vincom - Seafood Market - Lao Cai)

Have breakfast at the hotel and check out

07:00: Tour guide will take you to Vincom for shopping Go to Vincom Plaza Ha Long, customers can shop with fashion brands such as Giordano, Lee, G2000, Elise, Eash, Easy Spirit, Ak Club, Eash , Kelly Bui, Valentino Creations, CK, Tissot, PNJ, Narsis, Lare Boss ...

The world of cuisine brings together dozens of famous restaurants such as Master Beef, Gogi House, Thai BBQ, Lotteria, Kodo Café & Fastfood, ... with full flavors from media from Vietnam, China, Korea, and Thailand. Lan ... to the taste of Western cuisine ....

Vincom Plaza Ha Long is an attractive destination not to be missed by the majority of Ha Long city residents and tourists from all directions.
09:00: the delegation will go to the seafood market to buy food and drinks as souvenirs

10:00: The bus will take you back to Lao Cai

12:00 pm: have lunch at local restaurant near Noi Bai airport

17:00: Arrive at Kim Tan Lao Cai square, and bid farewell

- End schedule -
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  • Enthusiastic tour guide during the tour.
  • Mineral water on the bus 02 bottles of 350ml / person / day.)
  • Entrance fees at Halong Bay (ticket to the route,)
  • Admission ticket to Sunworld Halong park: Queen's cable car to visit Ha Long Bay and train tickets to the bay
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