Route: 03 days 02 nights


After breakfast on the 3rd floor of Sapaly HDV Hotel and car pick you up at the hotel reception hall to Sapa town

08h00: Start with the itinerary You will visit Cat Cat tourist resort, discover the life of the Black Hmong, visit the waterfall and the hydroelectric plant built by the French from the 20s of the last century. Cat Cat village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, near the center of Sapa town. The village is located among thousands of clouds and mountains, an ideal place for you to learn and explore the cultural life of H’Mong people. The village is located in the middle of the 19th century, mostly of Mong people. By the 20th century, the French discovered and built a hydroelectric plant there. Besides, they also choose this place as a resting place for officials. To explore the whole village, you have to walk about 4 km to know all the special features here to learn the customs and lifestyles of the H’Mong people.

11h30: Return to Sapa town for lunch in the town to enjoy the Northwest specialties

14h00 :. Tour guide takes you to visit the Silver Gate of Heaven. at 1,900m above sea level. Here you will admire among the natural scenery a magnificent waterfall with white water like silver. You will have the opportunity to visit the majestic natural scenery but extremely lyrical romance. The sound of the murmuring stream in harmony with the sound of birds will surely make visitors feel lost in the realms of the future. Especially, in the summer, Silver waterfall is always cool and suitable. Guests will comfortably soak in the cool water, dispel the chaotic worries of everyday life.

Evening: Check in and have dinner at Sapa hotel

After dinner, guests are free to explore Sapa town at night, visit the stone church, the symbol of Sapa people, the food street with unique food and dance with the Northwest ethnic identity. but nowhere else.

DAY 02: LAO CAI - FANSIPAN-LAO CAI (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Morning: After breakfast HDV pick up guests at the door of the hotel to Sapa Cable Car.

08h00: Go to Fansipan Cable Car Station to start the journey to conquer Fansipan with the world's most modern 3-wire cable car system with a cabin that can accommodate 30-35 tourists. Then continue conquering 600 stone steps to the top of Fansipan at an altitude of 3,143m - the roof of Indochina.

Or you can experience the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train. (The cost of buying a train ticket is self-payment at 200,000 VND for adults, 150,000 VND for children)

12h30: Return to town for lunch, after lunch HDV and take the car to visit the community resort of Ta Van, Lao Chai, ancient Hau Hau rock ... admire the customs of the indigenous people : Dao and Day ethnic groups ... Ta Van one autumn afternoon in September, under the valleys full of wind, sunshine and flying clouds ... are beautiful terraced fields like a work of art created by hands. of nature and human nature. Ta Van is located about 10 km from the center of Sapa town, in the Muong Hoa valley. You can move here by taxi or motorbike taxi. With a mountain topography, facing the Muong Hoa stream, Ta Van is an ideal place for you to have moments of mingling with nature in a true way.

17h00: Tour guide and coach take you back to Sapaly Hotel, have dinner at the hotel.

After dinner guests are free to visit Lao Cai city

DAY 03: LAO CAI - DOOR GATE-LAO CAI (Breakfast, lunch, dinner).

In the morning: After breakfast, tour guide pick you up at reception hall, then tour guide and coach will take you to visit temple system in Lao Cai city: Upper temple, mother temple…. only 5 minutes walk from the hotel. To explore the buildings and monuments in Lao Cai City

09h45: Then free shopping at the central market in Lao Cai city: Coc Leu market. (Self-sufficient expenses)

11h00: Go back to the hotel and have lunch at Sapaly hotel on the third floor ...

 14h30: Have procedures to go to China, visit Ha Khau, visit central flower garden, Chau Hong Ha memorial, visit border market and Quoc Thai supermarket.

17h00: Get on the bus to go to the light park to visit.

19h00: procedures for returning to the hotel, after dinner you board the car back to Hanoi, rest on the car.

(or you can choose to sleep at the hotel sapaly the next morning back to Hanoi for 500,000vnd / room)

End of tour HDV farewell guests and see you again in another program.
our price 4,500,000 / Person (excluding VAT)
(applied from 15 guests or more)
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- Transportation: New passenger cars, high-end and modern interior air-conditioners.

- Hotel: Full facilities, 2 people / room

- Eating and drinking: the main meals according to the tour program worth 200,000 VND / person
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Add: 048, Nguyen Hue Street, Lao Cai Ward, City. Lao Cai, Lao Cai Province
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- Visiting: Tickets at places of interest

   Cable car ticket

- Tour guide: Experienced, professional, routes Lao Cai - Sapa - Border gate

- Gifts: 0.5ml mineral water / 1 day. Gifts of 01 group photo

- Passport to China.
+ Single room sleep. Eat and drink outside the program, phone, laundry in hotel.

+ Optional sightseeing program, games at the resort and other personal entertainment expenses
+ Children 12 years and older with 01 adult buy 01 tour ticket.

+ Children from 06 to 11 years old buy ½ tour ticket

+ Children from 02 to 05 years old or younger do not include tour tickets, if high above 1.0m, buy 50% of cable cars. Other family self-help services,

Children ½ ticket standard: 01 meals + 01 car seat and sleep with family


- The program may change in time and order of destinations, but still ensure the total number of destinations.

- Guest photocopy ID card, 02 photos 3x4 white background, stating full name, year of birth.

Children accompany, submit 2 3 x 4 photos, birth certificate with local notary.